Quintil Consulting supports clients who have demanding “always-on” IT and communications requirements through the process of setting an operational strategy, delivering an architectural design and aiding in the implementation of the solution. We help organisations going through change such as mergers, outsourcing or technological upgrade. We enable projects such as the introduction of new baggage solutions to be successfully implemented at major airports and new wireless technologies to be introduced into the critical operations of major utilities.


Quintil Solutions delivers real-time connectivity to organisations that need bespoke private wireless solutions. We provide managed voice and data services including telematics solutions across environments ranging from airports to regions of the country.


“Developments in connecting technology capability underpin industry transformation and enable the delivery of next-generation communication services”

As the industry moves through changes to broadband IP, 3G to 4G/LTE, 5G and beyond, providers must balance extremely large-scale and often nationwide deployments with the need to retain service levels. Feature rich smartphone and tablet devices, apps for everything and anywhere connectivity means that the boundaries between IP/ICT and traditional telecommunications are rapidly blurring. Voice minutes are declining while data usage is escalating, as users access more products and services on-the-go.

Demand outstrips capacity. In a world where personal and work networks are converging on smarter personal devices, the challenge for telecommunications organisations is how to deliver faster and more ubiquitous coverage along with improved service offerings. The rapid pace of change within the industry means that network operators and equipment vendors need to consider how decisions taken today, impact their ability to perform tomorrow.


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RFID],  Spectrum Planning, Antenna Systems, IBDAS, DAS, 4G, Mesh Networking, RF Coverage Test, Private Cellular Network, P2P Backhaul, Commercial WIFI, End-User Experience Testing & Monitoring


“Achieve operational improvements with connecting technology solutions that support sustainable generation and help ensure uninterrupted energy supplies”

With an ever increasing demand for power and the limited availability of natural resources, power organisations face relentless pressure to deliver alternative and renewable energy types. The challenge for power and utilities organisations is how to scale operations to meet ever increasing demand and escalating customer expectations in a very competitive market, while addressing the requirement to satisfy tougher policies.

Agile and robust technology solutions support the process-critical nature of IT and communication requirements – even in harsh environments. Technology solutions are the key to optimised operations. Benefit from centralised command and control with service monitoring for proactive outage management and service assurance. With further opportunities for preventative maintenance with asset utilisation services and the ability to utilise real-time information feeds.


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Command & Control, Large Scale Wi-Fi, Radio Communications, Mobile Device Management, RF & Wireless Strategies, BYOD, RF Spectrum Design & Management, Cellular Control & Suppression


“Pressure to improve public service performance and reduce spending, demands reliable and cost effective connecting technology solutions”


Public sector spending is always under intense scrutiny and as a result, government bodies and local authorities are struggling to maintain public services with legacy and ageing IT systems. Often tied into long supplier contracts with significant management and maintenance overheads, not only do these systems result in thousands of wasted civil servant hours per year, but they also put core services at risk.

The need to mitigate against hardware and software failures coupled with a need for fully automated processes, is driving a transition towards off-the-shelf technology solutions. But, the business-critical nature of IT & communication solutions means that caution is advocated before embarking on IT change projects.


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“Connecting technology solutions that support the delivery of complex business operations across public and private infrastructures, to enable mobility and improve real-time performance”


Irrespective of the size or nature of your business, organisations are dependent on technology solutions. Underpinning the day-to-day operation of every business, the technology solutions deployed have a direct impact on the ability to fulfil business objectives.

The evolution of working styles, the impact of mobility, high bandwidth connectivity, broadband wireless and the large scale acceptance of a wide variety of cloud-based services, creates an opportunity to increase competitiveness and improve performance.Explore the solutions we deliver for our Corporate & Infrastructure clients.

Explore the solutions we deliver for our Corporate & Infrastructure clients:


“Connecting technology solutions for efficient operations, on tight margins, against a backdrop of integration and separation activities”

The transportation industry is reliant on the delivery of safe and on-time operations. The impact of schedule delays disrupts the carefully planned service eco-system and potentially risks the incurrence of significant financial penalties. The often multi-tenancy nature of the industry demands mission-critical IT & communication solutions that support efficient operations and the ability to respond to events in real-time.

Whether you’re a landlord, transport operator, on-site tenant or related service organisation, there is an opportunity for economies of scale through supplier consolidation and community solutions.

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“Trusted connecting technology solutions relied upon by public safety and emergency services, for everything from life safety to mission critical communications – even in remote locations”


When it’s a matter of life or death, communications are mission critical. Bluelight, amberlight and voluntary services depend on the ability to exchange information with speed, clarity, accuracy and auditability, in order to respond to and manage events in the field. Putting the safety of the general public first, is the number one priority for this industry. Confronted with spending cuts, the challenge for public safety organisations is how to utilise resources most efficiently, without sacrificing response times or jeopardising the quality of the services they deliver.

Keeping the lines of communication open at all times, demands resilient and robust IT & communication systems. Coupled with a need to increase awareness of events within the vicinity of an incident, emergency and voluntary workers depend on the exchange of information in real-time.

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“Robust connecting technology solutions are required to support the safety, security and management of large numbers of increasingly connected people”



Improvements and digitisation of media standards and massive retail markets increase demand, complexity and opportunity across public venues. But, density and diversity brings about a plethora of technology challenges. At peak capacity public venues can hold thousands of people. Before, during and after events, organisers need to ensure that large crowds are safely moved to, around and from the event. Public venues are complex places typically dispersed across multiple sites, buildings, floors and communal areas.  With the potential for escalating tensions and crowd surges, the challenge for these centres is how to maintain crowd safety without impeding visitor experience.

However, there are increasing commercial and retail opportunities to be exploited at these venues across the general public, as well as from the benefit of being a landlord or operator facilitating the convergence and flow of large numbers of people. The ability to exchange information clearly and in real-time is mission critical for this industry.  Irrespective of their venue position, stewards, organisers and related service companies rely on comprehensive service coverage and resilient technology solutions.

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