We have been delivering radio & IT solutions for over 15 years. Connecting technology and bringing together fixed and mobile technologies to reduce cost, lock in performance and innovate for competitive advantage.

  • Over 150 highly skilled employees & associates, delivering best-in-class projects
  • Extensive blue-chip client base, across multiple industries
  • Strong pedigree of delivering complex IT & wireless solutions
  • Multiple technologies and vendor agnostic
  • Managed radio services

Quintil’s build capabilities include installation & commissioning, hardware and/or software solution installations, custom engineering projects, pre-production testing, implementation and handover to support.

Delivering projects through a reliable, well regarded cycle of best practice to complete deliverables right, first time:

  • No project learning curves
  • Understanding the pain points
  • Flexible internal structure & staff procedures to reflect project requirements

TThe operational (managed services) division of Quintil supplies, operates and maintains critical radio infrastructure within the UK and overseas. The main application supported by this infrastructure is Push to Talk (PTT). We provide 24/7 support services, maintenance services, hosted or on-client premise support, logistics services, fully managed services, Service Desk and workshops.